At last, truly eco-friendly cleaning for stone, masonry, slate roofs, brickwork and more

Clearstone Southwest are experts at cleaning exterior surfaces of a wide range of properties. We provide specialist environmentally-friendly cleaning for discoloured stone buildings, brick walls and more throughout Cornwall, Plymouth, and much of the South-West

Fully trained in the Doff system, a specialist process designed specifically to remove dirt and grime without harming the materials being cleaned

Absolutely no environmentally-damaging chemicals

State-of-the art cleaning process effectively removes moss, algae, staining, and most paints

Effortlessly revives natural colours

Process uses high-temperature steam, with no chemical residue. No need to protect nearby vegetation or worry about damage to wildlife

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Clearstone Southwest provides stone wall cleaning, masonry cleaning, brick cleaning, concrete cleaning and more for commercial and residential buildings throughout South-West England.

Our system cleans exterior surfaces of moss, lichen, and algae, along with the build-up of dirt to leave them looking almost like new — and all without using chemicals which damage plant life, are dangerous to pets and wildlife, and degrade the environment generally.

Absolutely no biocides and
100% environmentally friendly

Beware companies which claim to be eco-friendly. Many of these ‘eco-friendly’ companies use chemicals harmful to animals and plantlife, and which end up entering the drains and eventually rivers, causing damage to the ecosystem.

Our system uses nothing but superheated water. The spray reaches a maximum temperature of 150°C. This is high enough to remove biological matter such as moss and algae and also kill off spores to stop regrowth.

And once any debris removed during the cleaning operation has been disposed of, the water simply drains into the ground, and causes no environmental damage whatsoever.

Absolutely no surface damage

Even better, although our cleaning process is powerful, the water pressure is low and very gentle.

This means the surface being cleaned — whether stone, slate, or even stone with lime mortar — won’t suffer any damage (unlike jet washing and other abrasive techniques).

The small amount of water used in the process also ensures the surface never becomes saturated and is therefore usually dry within minutes.

Exterior cleaning experts

Clearstone Southwest is an experienced exterior cleaning company with a wide knowledge of the type of cleaning jobs that need to be done in the climate of South-West England, specifically the removal of moss and algae which grows quickly due to the wet climate.

We can carry out single cleaning jobs or create a program for regular maintenance of your property.

CRB checked staff

All our employees have undergone a full criminal records (CRB) check to give you total peace of mind when our employees are working on your property.

All exterior cleaning work is carried out in full compliance with Health and Safety regulations.

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Clearstone Southwest

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Environmentally-friendly stone cleaning, brick cleaning, roof cleaning, in Devon and Cornwall and throughout the South-West