Our eco-friendly cleaning services for stone, masonry and more

As approved contractors for the Doff steam-cleaning system, we provide specialist environmentally-friendly cleaning for discoloured buildings throughout Cornwall, Plymouth, and much of the South-West

The Doff system is a specialist process designed specifically to remove dirt and grime without harming the materials being cleaned

Absolutely no environmentally-damaging chemicals

State-of-the art cleaning process effectively removes moss, algae, staining, and most paints

Effortlessly revives natural colours

Process uses high-temperature steam, with no chemical residue. No need to protect nearby vegetation or worry about damage to wildlife

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Clearstone Southwest provides environmentally-friendly restoration and conservation for commercial and public buildings throughout South-West England, including Cornwall, Devon and Plymouth.

Stone and masonry cleaning 

Our system cleans stone surfaces of moss, lichen, and algae, along with the build-up of dirt to leave them looking almost like new — and all without using chemicals which damage plant life, are dangerous to pets and wildlife, and degrade the environment generally. Visit our stone cleaning page for full details

Roof cleaning

Clearstone Southwest offers environmentally-friendly roof cleaning throughout Cornwall, Devon, Plymouth, and many areas of the South-West. We clean your roof using the Doff system, a specialist cleaning technique which uses superheated steam to remove discolouration to leave your roof looking almost like new. This system is also suitable for natural slate. See our roof cleaning page for full details

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Environmentally-friendly stone cleaning, brick cleaning, roof cleaning, in Devon and Cornwall and throughout the South-West