Give your roof a new lease of life. All moss, lichen and algae removed — with all work fully guaranteed

Our specialist cleaning system completely cleans moss, lichen and stains from your roof to let the original surface shine through. It also preserves your roof and increases lifespan, saving money on expensive repairs

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We offer roof cleaning and a comprehensive roof mould removal service throughout Cornwall. We clean your roof using the Softwash system to remove all traces of mould, lichen and moss. Our roof cleaning service removes all discolouration to leave your roof clean and looking almost like new. Call for a free quote on 01208 75476

Cornish Window Cleaning uses the “Softwash” system, a technique which gently removes moss and lichen from your roof whatever the surface.

It is superior to “power washing” — an aggressive technique which uses the force of the liquid to remove the moss.

This can damage your roof tiles and lead to more problems than it solves. Power washing also doesn’t cure the underlying problem — the bacterial infection — which means the moss will start to grow again almost immediately.

Even better, the Softwash system isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” system. After inspecting your roof, we create a washing solution specifically for that job, depending on the roof covering and the level of cleaning required.

This guarantees you get the best possible results and long-term solution to keeping mould and moss growth at bay.

Cleaner for Longer

This is why Softwash keeps your roof clean for longer than power washing, since it contains a bactericide that curtails the growth of moss.

This is important, since the structural damage caused by moss and lichen can eventually cost thousands of pounds to put right.

A Full Service

Before applying the Softwash solution, we remove all surface mosses and lichens to make sure the solution touches every part of the surface.

This makes sure the solution removes most staining and traces of moss — and the spores which can lead to regrowth.

The little staining left after the application of the Softwash will fade over the coming weeks after treatment.

We also take all necessary precautions and measures to protect the surrounding area when we apply the Softwash solution.

This includes making sure all plants and greenery are protected from the solution so there is absolutely no damage to your garden.

Fully trained

Every member of our cleaning staff is fully-trained in how to use the equipment and how to follow all relevant Health and Safety rules.

This means you don’t have to worry about incompetent cleaning staff damaging your property, and you’ll know that the cleaning is being carried out in a safe and effective manner.

We also hold £5 million of public liability insurance.

Staff you can trust

All members of staff have undergone a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check to make sure they have no criminal convictions and can be fully trusted with access to your property, giving you total peace of mind at all times.

Fully guaranteed

You also receive a rock-solid guarantee on every single cleaning job that we will return and put right anything you’re not happy with — without quibble or argument.

But don’t take our word for it. Just look at what some of our many satisfied clients have said about us on our Success Stories page.

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